Ray’s Expertise:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Vaping
  • Drugs (including marijuana, prescription drug abuse and opioids)
  • Goal-Setting
  • Didactic Teaching Games

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Ray’s Bio:

Ray Lozano’s first-hand childhood experience with family members’ alcohol and drug dependence led to a curiosity about the consequences of drugs and alcohol and what life could look like without abusing these substances. This inspired a lifelong commitment to never use drugs or get drunk. Coming from a personal non-use background uniquely positions Ray in the field of drug and alcohol prevention.

Since 1986, Ray Lozano has actively studied the most effective methods of educating and encouraging young people promoting life choices that foster potential. This pursuit resulted in the development of a unique educational approach, which Ray has used to train tens of thousands of middle and high school students, teachers and caregivers of youth in every state across America and internationally.

Ray adamantly believes in interacting with youth respectfully, regardless of any previous experiences with drugs and alcohol they may have. A regard for respect also led him to develop presentations that would keep his audience’s attention. Studies and experience show that once the brain is engaged (through laughter and emotion) that it is much more receptive to information. Building on his experience performing in comedy clubs like the Hollywood Improv, Ray turned what could have potentially been dull prevention facts into humorous and impactful presentations.

The response to this approach has been overwhelmingly positive. Eight-five percent of Ray’s clients (teachers, administrators, counties, community groups and service organizations) invite him back to speak to their students annually, some dating back to 1990.

Very often students, parents and teachers will express years later how Ray’s work kept them or a loved one from a life of alcohol and drug dependence, commenting that those positive life choices have given them the best hope for reaching their full potential.

Through the foundation of his organization Prevention Plus in 2002, Ray has developed a growing team of speakers that utilize this unique, respectful and entertaining approach to positively impact the lives of even more young people. They speak on prevention topics including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, synthetic drugs, domestic violence, personal identity, and gang prevention.

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