Brooke’s Expertise:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Vaping
  • Drugs (including marijuana, prescription drug abuse and opioids)
  • Goal-Setting
  • Didactic Teaching Games

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Brooke’s Bio:

Brooke has watched her father, Ray Lozano, present drug and alcohol information since the moment she could understand the words he was saying. Hearing him explain the dangers of drugs and alcohol and being a living demonstration that a completely drug-free life is possible and easily attainable encouraged her to make the same commitment in her life and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Brooke has traveled with her father since she was very young and always loved the work he did. The combination of information and jokes in a way that makes tough-to-hear information not only understandable, but relatable as well, was a refreshing change from some of the other presentations she had heard at her schools. She saw the way her father was impacting young peoples’ lives and knew that she wanted to have that same positive impact on people.

Throughout her adolescence, Brooke saw many of her friends begin to use drugs and start down the road to dependence. When she was in high school, she noticed that when she would hang out with a group of her friends, there would always be one or two that would leave the group to go smoke by themselves. This sparked a curiosity in her. She knew about addiction but seeing firsthand the effects of drugs on her friends made it seem different. Why did her friend prefer to be by his/herself, with their cigarette, than at a party with all of his/her friends? She knew that she needed to be a positive influence just as her father had been in hopes that she would be able to prevent more youth from falling into the trap of drugs and alcohol. Because of the information she had, she knew that if she were to follow their lead, she too would end up with emotional, physiological, and lifestyle issues.

Despite having friends that used drugs or abused alcohol, Brooke has lived a non-use life. She has seen that one of the main reasons youth will start to use drugs/alcohol is due to stress/problems in their personal life. Like many of her peers, Brooke has faced all the same hardships and stresses that most people experience in their adolescence. She found alternative ways to cope with the stresses that middle and high school students deal with. She has found that she can relate to the students she is now speaking to and can show them how to find different coping methods, besides drugs or alcohol. She hopes to enlighten those who hear her words to live the best life they can possible live and reach their full potential.

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