Prevention Plus speakers, with a combined number of 50 years working in the substance abuse prevention field, have a passion for helping youth and adults live their best lives possible. By providing current drug & substance information in a uniquely engaging, non-judgmental approach, our team of qualified speakers promote positive choices. Tens of thousands of students and adults across the United States and internationally have been inspired at Prevention Plus presentations to achieve substance-free possibilities.

What makes Prevention Plus Speakers so effective:

  • Effective teaching involves understanding your audience‚Äôs needs. We design a presentation based on those unique needs
  • Evidence-based instructional approaches: clear, easy-to-understand learning objectives, interactive teaching, and metacognition (having students consider their choices)
  • Continually refined and updated information based on current research, analysis and feedback
  • Combined 50 years working in the substance abuse prevention field
  • Engaging, knowledgeable, inspirational, caring, non-judgmental and positive prevention speakers